A Brief History of the Race for Education

Through academic development programs, tutoring, internships, financial literacy training and scholarships, The Race For Education provides opportunities for educational success for young people with significant financial need and academic challenges. With the ultimate goal of making sure students are successful in life and become an asset to their community.

Since its’ inception in 2002 The Race For Education (RFE) has delivered over 6 million dollars in scholarships and educational programs. Originally established to provide educational programs and college scholarships to young people in the equine and agriculture industry with significant financial need the organization’s mission statement has expanded to meet the needs of the community over time.

Although the majority of the students involved in The Race For Education program come from high risk and extreme need backgrounds, the graduation rate is over 70% while the national average is about 50.6% 1 and 90% of RFE students make the dean’s list.

In 2005 with an Assets For Independence grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, The Race For Education established a Financial Literacy Program to help students who, based on their background, would probably otherwise receive no financial guidance. In 2008 this program was recognized by The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI), along with the President’s Council on Financial Literacy.

The Race For Education established a partnership in 2008 with the American Association of Equine Practitioners to offer one scholarship to each of the 34 Veterinary Schools in North America. The program is funded by RFE, The AAEP Foundation and Platinum Performance and continues to be very successful.

The “Leg Up” program, a partnership with the Kentucky 4H Program got off the ground in 2013 offering a scholarship to one student at each of the over 100 chapters in Kentucky.

Our Starting Gate program, launched in 2011 in Kentucky, is already a verifiable success. The afterschool program for middle school students offers homework help, a reading curriculum, as well as enrichment and life skills. Test scores have improved in every classroom in every school.2 The program is offered public Title 1 middle schools in Central Kentucky. This year we have over 150 students enrolled with a record number in each class. We continue to offer scholarships annually; however, our primary focus will continue to be on Starting Gate. It is our belief, by investing our resources in students earlier, by the time they graduate from high school; they will truly be prepared for college or career, whichever their next step may be.

The Race For Education is a public charity, receiving funding from many sources, including federal and foundation grants, private individuals, and corporations. The organization is managed by a volunteer board of directors and an executive committee with both professional and academic experience.

1 Based on a National Student Clearinghouse Research Center and Pew Research Study, December 15, 2013

2 Data and testing information available upon request